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When I started see this new (new to me, at least- I honestly don’t think it’s new at all and I’m not sure how I am just now noticing this is a thing) trend of the high/low denim hem, I at first liked it, then didn’t like it, and in the end decided I had to try it myself to really know for sure.  With a quick google search you can find lots of high end brands selling denim with this sort of hem line.  Those jeans are all running a hundred dollars or more – keep in mind I could have probably found a pair with lower price point, but I tend to feel like buying a pair of jeans that are already cut off is kind of a silly investment when I can just do that myself.  So, that’s what I did.  Now, I am a Levis girl through and through, so naturally I have many different pairs at varied lengths and fits, some vintage and some new… but my point is, I definitely had a pair already in my possession with which to give this a go.  Turns out with another quick google search I also found that there are quite a few DIY tutorials out there on how to make this hem.  I watched a couple of  YouTube videos and read a couple of blogs, but ultimately did something altogether different then any of them.  Here’s what I did, as well as my results.

I first tried them on and decided what length I wanted to front (the shorter side) to be, keeping in mind I would make the back about 2 inches longer than the front.  So, in case you’ve not already gone there in your mind, I’m basically going to be making a hemline that looks like a mullet.  Right?

I marked them, turned them inside out, marked them again and then cut up the sides of the seams (not cutting out the actual seam) and then across the front.

From the new hemline that is the front, I measured 2 inches down and cut straight across.  And that’s it.  Done.  Pretty simple!  I threw them in the washer and drier to get them looking a little frayed and tried them on and I definitely don’t hate them, but do I love them?  The jury is still out.  What do you think?  If you saw me on the street would you ask yourself, “why did she do that to her jeans?”

I think they’d look pretty cool with vans, probably too.



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