where I sell my gently used closet discards.

Remember my last post when I successfully cleaned out my drawers and closet? As promised, a post on where I am selling some of my closet discards…. Poshmark.

One day this past winter, I began an obsession with a last years style of Sam Edelman leopard print booties.  Now, I feel pretty confident in saying that when I want to find something online, I find it (If only I could somehow utilize this skill as a job.)  This particular search, for these particular booties (I totally found them) lead me to find Poshmark. Poshmark, simply put, is a giant collection of  “closets” of clothing and accessories and other things (makeup – which I have never even considered buying used… and other randomness.)  It’s kind of an online consignment shop, where you can sell, shop and even trade.  Prices range from actual rummage sale prices, to higher prices (on designer pieces).  Selling is easy.  The app they have created allows you to upload items in about 60 seconds. And they make shipping even easier, by emailing a shipping label when you sell an item. All you have to do is box the item up, slap on the label (include a nice little thank you note) and send it off.  Poshmark takes 20% commission for all sales $15 or more, you make 80%, and for any sales under $15 they take a flat commission of $2.95. You can then use your earnings to shop, or have them deposited in your bank account.  It’s so super easy! So, next time you decided to clean out your closet and aren’t quite ready to donate your fantastic, gently worn leopard print booties to your local Goodwill, but feel you could make a few more dollars than your local consignment shop might give you, try it. There is absolutely no initial investment other than your time. You can even check out my closet if you want!

I recently used some of my earnings to buy this pair of worn once brand new Dr. Martens for half of the retail price!

Since I’ve started selling on Poshmark I have realized there are other apps similar to Poshmark out there too.  Do you use a different one?  If so which, and why do you love it?

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