Holiday Survival: Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are so very excited to spend the day with our families and loved ones, enjoying too much delicious food and testing the limits of our stretchy pants. But, as seasonal Hallmark Channel movies love to remind us, sometimes the holidays can be a sticky situation of awkward conversations, pointed topics, and rehashing of tired memories. Before you decide to retreat into a whole box of wine tomorrow, let me help you brainstorm some fun alternative conversations for the day! (Real talk: this is as much for me as it is for you. Let’s do this.)

What movie do you just have to watch if you happen to notice it’s on TV?

For me, it’s either Jurassic Park (the original, obvs), Bring It On (the first one or the third one), or Deep Blue Sea, for which I also have a special knack for turning it on right as Samuel L Jackson finishes his motivational speech…

It’s the zombie apocalypse! What skills do you bring to our survival?

As a massage therapist who is too nice and optimistic, I personally struggle with what I will contribute, but I lift weights so I guess that’s a plus? For carrying stuff? I also worry that when the time comes, I will be wearing a really stupid outfit. I mean seriously- how is Michonne cool enough to have survived in fold-down studded boots?? I need them immediately.

Related: what 5 albums do you hope are downloaded onto your ipod after the zombie apocalypse?

There’s a new King Kong movie coming out that looks pretty rad! But really, how would an ecosystem of over-sized creatures work? What do they eat? Why isn’t the island full of giant poops? Discuss.

Which is scarier: outer space or the ocean?

This is a fun one, because both are scary, and both have reasons one is scarier than the other! You can set up your own rules, like, are you lost at sea or in space? How did you get here? Do you have any survival items? Is there a chance of anyone coming to help you? Everyone has an opinion and no one is wrong: it’s all terrifying, so we all agree. Hooray!

Have you seen this cheetah and dog who are best friends?

Keep this one in your back pocket just in case you need to deflect someone from going down a slippery conversation slope- watch this short video and let the “aawww”s abound. Look at their faces!! Such cute noses!! They are an unlikely pair of cuteness!! No matter if you are on “team dog” or “team cat”, no one can resist the adorableness of these scritchable ears and bellies.

OK friends- I hope this helps!! Please let us know if you have any good conversations starters, survival strategies, or good recipes to share. And we really want to know if you’re more scared of space or the ocean.

Happy Thanksgiving! We love you!!! xoxo


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