Rub some dirt on it

Face masks can feel like one of life’s greatest luxuries. A blast to your skin to let it know you mean business. Especially when your skin feels like it’s holding on to 20 lbs. of dirt and regret. Or when your pores looks like pods appropriately sized for living creatures to nest in. Or when it’s not enough to try to deal with life’s stress, but you need that extra fun of wearing it like a badge across your face in the form of breakouts.

Ya feel us?

Here are some recommended mud, clay or charcoal masks for when the wounds of life are deep and all you can do is rub some dirt on it.

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“Empties” reviews: shower products, toothpaste, La Mer and more

Some of my favorite YouTube videos to watch are the “Empties” collections. Why do I want to look at other people’s trash, you ask? Perhaps it scratches the itch I’ve had to be a private investigator—an ambition born spending my youth watching Magnum PI, Moonlighting , Remington Steele and the criminally underrated, Riptide (i wanted both the robot AND the helicopter, sadly, i still have neither) with my mother.

But more likely, I find it helpful to get insight on products that were taken the distance. I like knowing if the trusted YouTuber plans to repurchase items, especially when it requires spending their own money on a product they might have gotten sent to them gratis from the company.

So I thought it might be fun to do my own “Empties” post and go through some products I’ve finished and give my take on them. Continue reading