Wet N Wild–a full face review

Like Target, Walgreens has become my new top stop to randomly purchase things I don’t need–and by things–I mean makeup. A recent Walgreens pop- in (for nails, obvs) lead to a Wet N Wild haul.

In my defense–there was a 3/$10 deal and some other markdowns–AND they had a bunch of new products to try.

My love for the MegaCushion Foundation is well documented–it is now my every day foundation. As the color drains on the daily from my face (thanks, winter) I thought I’d try a lighter shade from my normal Creamy Ivory to Light Ivory. And since it was $3 off, why not?

I also love stick foundations, so I decided I’d give the Foundation Stick in Porcelain a whirl.

Part of Wet N Wild’s new products are face primers and sprays. I tend to like products that feature coconut water, so I grabbed two sprays: one coconut water based and one for a natural finish, and a coconut primer.

We are big fans of Wet N Wild’s lip products, so naturally I needed to try the new MegaLast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick (as opposed to the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick which Jess turned us on to) in Cedar Later.

And they’ve expanded the Liquid Catsuit line with eye shadows, so I got two muted tones to use as primers in Camel Back and Sand Castles. I was nervous about the more metallic ones and didn’t try any of those.

In the end, I got two sprays, a primer, two eye shadows, a lip stick, a foundation stick and a cushion foundation for $24–not too bad!

I did a look on Instagram with drugstore makeup with some of the new products, especially the lipstick and decided since I was so close to having a full face of Wet n Wild makeup, I should do one more Walgreens run to do a full face review.

be kind–i’ve been hella tired lately! (and notice, i never actually put those nails on.)

I had the Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil off Jess’ recommendation, a highlighter (a gift from Jess back in the day) and a few eyeshadow palettes. I only needed lip and eye liners, bronzer, blush and mascara (which in retrospect was actually more things than i anticipated to buy.)

So back to Walgreens. Sadly, the sale was over, but these are still very reasonably priced products and I had points to use! Yay, Beauty Enthusiast program!

Armed with all the products, I’ve done a few days of looks to give them a try and let you know my thoughts. Here are just some of the ones I used:

ugh–i forgot to take pictures of the blush and bronzer.


The MegaCushion is so great! The Creamy Ivory is too light so Creamy Beige is still my best match. But it’s okay–I just use the new one as a concealer! LOVE.

Liquid Catsuit lipsticks are fab. If you hate the drying effects of a liquid lipstick–which is totally fair especially in winter–grab the High Shine options instead. (white top vs. black top)

Perfect Pout Gel Liners are a steal at $3! Seriously, these are so pigmented and creamy without slipping. I’ll definitely be laying this down with my favorite Marc Jacobs glosses over it. I got Bare to Comment which is a really universal nude shade.

Retractable Brow Pencil is one of the greatest finds around. Thanks, Jess!

MegaGlo Highlighter is really the only powder highlighter I use. Again–JESS WINS! (i didn’t actually wear it in my look though–see below.)


Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads gets the job done. They change their colors very frequently so the one I used isn’t available anymore, but there are lots of great ones out there. These are also very nice to pack when traveling.

Liquid Catsuit eyeshadows are surprisingly good! The colors I got function exactly how I wanted–as primers. They stay on, don’t create and work as a nice base. And you could totally wear them without putting shadow on top. I could’ve put these in the “Great” category, but I haven’t tried the more adventurous ones to verify that for sure.

Stick Foundation was magic one day and just okay another. I don’t love a fuller coverage foundation, which this one definitely is, so I liked it better the day I wore a heavier moisturizer under it to give it a little more dewiness. With just a basic primer, it was a little patchier, but that’s more because my skin is wicked dry right now than the product. I still really liked it and will use it on days where I am looking for more coverage. And the color is a better match than even the MegaCushion right now.

Color Icon Blush in Apri-Cot in the Middle is a very nice peach blush. If you need a peach blush at a very cheap price point–this is a good one. It’s not my favorite and I doubt I’ll reach for it much, but it works.

Coconut 3-in-1 Primer Water is fine. I put it in the “Good” pile because of its price and it did seem to set my makeup and save it from looking too cakey which was an issue at one point. But I do like the Milani ones better for drugstore and I’m currently obsessed with Morphe’s setting spray available at Ulta. Both are double the price of this one. For the money–it works.


Color Icon Bronzer in Palm Beach Ready is one of the new products and it’s a pass for me. Here’s the thing–I just really, really love my Butter Bronzer. I felt like my look was good until I put this on and then it looked like too much makeup. The shimmer doesn’t help–so I didn’t wear a highlighter–but I don’t think it would matter if it had it or not. I’m just faithful to the Physicians Formula. (it also dawned on me that i DID have a wet n wild bronzer–one of the megacushion contours–and i threw it out because i didn’t like it either. and i think i liked that one more than this one.)

Retractable Eyeliner in Dark Brown is a disappointment. It’s very dry and tugged on my eyelids to get it on. There are much better drugstore eyeliners you can get–like any of them–so pass on this one.

MegaLength Mascara is also a pass. It said it was reformulated but I wasn’t into it. My hope is it would be a cruelty-free alternative to the CoverGirl LashBlast which I haven’t replaced yet (although spoiler alert: looks like I won’t have to…) and it wasn’t. Essence has such good mascaras–go with theirs for a cheap but great drugstore mascara.

PhotoFocus™ Water Drop Primer in Coconut Dreamin’ is a NO! I actually had to quickly remove it–it was burning my skin. So no no no no no.

still. so. tired. and it’s weird to wear a flannel, but i’m trying it. also–i got my hair did and my brows tightened right after i took this which is major.

Overall–I think the Wet N Wild line is like any other line with some standout offerings, some really good options and ones that are not worth your attention. The benefit is the price. These products are cheap which makes the highs even higher and the lows not so bad.

Did I miss anything? Do you have Wet N Wild favorites I should try? Have you tried the MegaCushion yet? Let me know all your Wet N Wild comments below.

And thankfully, this line is both cheap and often on sale, so I could afford to do a full face using my own money.

I Didn’t Watch Enough Oscar Contenders So Here Are My 2018 Movie Awards

Hello friends!!

Every year Lyn throws this epic Oscar party, where we compete by choosing the winners and then seeing who gets the most right. It’s super fun, but I always suck at this for two reasons: I usually haven’t seen enough of the films to make an informed decision, and I tend to vote with my heart and not the odds. I really love movies, though, it’s just that while my head thinks I would really enjoy a lot of critically acclaimed films, the truth is that when it comes down to spending time or money on a viewing, I tend to pick something that falls more in the “fun” category. If that makes me low-brow, I’m totes ok with it. So while I am unqualified to accurately predict what the Academy will choose, I am super qualified to tell you which films of last year fit into MY award categories. Ready? Here we go!

FAVORITE OF THE YEAR: Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse

I have loved superheroes my whole life. When I was a kid, instead of having imaginary friends, I was hanging out with the Justice League.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 294200_10150406955696350_850293720_n.jpg
Me and Spidey, early 80’s style

Obviously Wonder Woman and Batgirl were my favorites, but Spiderman and I were always cool, too, since he was a regular kid, not an alien or a billionaire or whatever. Despite this love, I am suffering from serious “superhero fatigue”. I haven’t kept up with the Spiderman movies, but I did hop back in for the MCU Tom Holland one, which was pretty great. So then this animated feature pops up out of nowhere, and we were like…. what? Why?? What is this?? Well, stop asking questions and just go see this movie- it is PERFECT. Great casting, the animation is outstanding, the soundtrack is spot on, the story feels fresh (and turns the whole boring “origin story” trope on it’s head a bit) and, to be corny, I love the message that “anyone can wear the mask”. This movie was a delight through and through- I can’t wait to see it again.

(Superhero honorable mentions: Black Panther for Best Villain, and Avengers: Infinity War for Best Took 18 Years To Get Here Payoff)


You all have that one friend, right, who tells you that something is good and you don’t even ask questions because you know she’s right? Yeah, so when Sarah told me to go see this movie immediately, I thought “wait, the one with Blake Lively??” but Sarah has never wronged me, so we just went, mostly not knowing anything about it. And guess what- she continues her streak! This movie was absolutely nothing we expected (right down to the Paul Feig director credit), and was a super fun ride.


Fact: Jurassic Park is a perfect film. Fact: Jurassic World was a shitshow. Maybe, someday, I’ll tell you all about why I feel this way, but for now, just know that I love seeing dinosaurs on the big screen so, no matter what, I am going to show up for any Jurassic Park adjacent anything, because DINOSAURS. And I like popcorn.

Image result for jurassic world fallen kingdom

It seems like someone, somehow, realizing how stiff and bad the first of the reboots was, slapped the writing team and said “look!! We are making a movie about DINOSAURS starring CHRIS PRATT. LOOSEN!! UP!!”. All of the returning characters seemed to have had major life makeovers, or at least watched some uplifting Ted Talks, because they weren’t the same stuffy, trope-y bores they were in 2015. Even the dinosaurs got more jokes!! There were good side characters with actual motives!! I even cried!! It was over the top and full of plot holes (why doesn’t the elevator have buttons to the lower level of the secret underground lab even though there are clearly elevator doors down there?!!? Who is this secret partner all of a sudden??), but it was totally a fun time.


Ok ok- so, I don’t know if A Quiet Place will hold up over time, or if I even liked it all that much, but I will say that it was the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in a packed theater. For one, nobody really knew what this movie was actually about, so we were all gripped by the story unfolding. For two, there is almost no dialogue in this movie. There is almost no sound in this movie. So very quickly, everyone in the audience had the realization that their snacks were super crunchy, candy wrappers were crinkly, and basically any sniffle or cough would sound 1000 times louder than it was. HILARIOUS. And it added to the tension, so it made the movie way more enjoyable- I’m not sure you’d get that same feeling watching it at home.


I knew, going in, that there would be tears shed in this movie. And yeah, there were a few here and there. I did not realize that I would be full on sobbing, snot coming out of my face, for a full 15 minutes at the end though. LORD!!! It’s worth noting that when I got my concessions, the napkin dispenser was almost empty, so I only had one buttery/salty napkin and my hoodie sleeves to save me.


This movie is currently 91% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. It was technically only in theaters for one day, then went straight to video, but it kept popping up in my various feeds, so my interest was piqued. I love a good campy horror movie, and reviewers were praising Nicholas Cages’s performance. We watched the trailer and it seemed like fun, so we rented it, and…. it took us two days to watch it.

Ok ok- I have to admit, it did some interesting things. For one, we were able to easily split it into two viewings because the movie has a very distinct break in the middle, almost as if you have to flip the album (or laserdisc!) over. The first half set up relationships and the big tragedy, the second was a cocaine and demon juice (??) fueled revenge fantasy. The cinematography and use of lighting and color was very beautiful and interesting. It had 80’s flavor, cults, and demons. Nicholas Cage really did deliver quite the performance! The only problem was…. watching it was painful. Slow. WTF-y. Two hours we wished we had back.


WHY. Why is this a movie?? Here is the plot: Oh hey! Let’s get a bunch of beautiful famous ladies to be in a heist movie where everything pretty much goes according to plan and they get away with it! Because LADIES!! This movie was so boring that, months later, my husband was absolutely convinced that we had never seen it. We had. Oh, we had. If you want a good heist movie, check out Ant-Man and The Wasp, which was tons of fun and features a giant Paul Rudd.


What movies did you love this year? Which ones made you fall asleep? Which Oscar contenders are you waiting to stream? (I’m looking forward to finally catching Can You Ever Forgive Me but TBH I’ll probably skip Roma and Vice)


The Tale of Two Yoga Challenges

I’ve been planning to write this resolutions post since the beginning of the year. Today is February 15th. But the delay on this post kinda serves as the perfect set up to talk about resolutions and why they seem fated to fail.

Allow me to illustrate it with my original intention for this post: “The Tale of Two Yoga Challenges.”

My relationship with yoga is complicated at best. I hate doing things I’m not good at—and I’m not good at yoga. Yet yoga at its core touches on things I need to work on in my life. There are the physical issues like strength, flexibility, alignment and the mental aspects like shutting down negative noise in my head, learning patience, and celebrating small successes. And of course—the big ones like saying “no”, time management and being realistic about how long life things actually take.

But even with a rocky run at yoga, I’ve been consistently doing it inconsistently for a long time. Over ten years, at least. And for someone who isn’t particularly loyal to any exercise, that’s a long time.

Due to a confluence of weird health and personal issues, when The Studio announced a 30-day yoga challenge in October 2014, it felt like the perfect opportunity to align (see what I did there) all the random challenges into one organized “challenge.” 30 classes in 31 days. I was in.

Spoiler alert: I finished. It was a completely bonkers experience that at some points required me to do three classes a day—which was totally unsafe and definitely not recommended—and it didn’t accomplish what I had hoped. But I learned three key lessons that made it worthwhile.

  1. No one cares. You know what people don’t care about—your yoga challenge (insert all other workouts, diets, personal journeys.) Unless it impacts them directly, it’s not a thing anyone is thinking about but you. I’d say “I can’t—I have yoga” and supportive friend who loves me and wants me to do and be great says “Oh that’s right. I forgot you’re doing that.” Not because they aren’t supportive—your thing and whether you succeed or not—literally has no impact on their relationship with you. Your friends are your friends. With or without a completed punch card.
  2. Everyone needs help. One of the yoga things I learned doing the challenge was how important it is to use props. A bunch of instructors did the challenge, so I’d see them in class. They all used them. It was visual confirmation that even people I admire need assistance. Maybe knowing enough to use the tools available is the exact thing that helps make them successful.
  3. Everyone has issues. There’s nothing like a yoga class to make me feel super self-conscious. Certainly, everyone’s looking at me and judging. But it turns out no one cares (see number one) and everyone has their own issues. They legit have no time for you. The biggest takeaway from the challenge came in the locker room. It was after class and I followed a woman–who seemed to take every single class because I was coming at all kinds of random times and she was always there, too—into the locker room. I don’t have nudity issues. It’s not that I’m volunteering to walk around naked in public on the daily but changing in a locker room in front of people isn’t something I lose sleep over. Even with a healthy dose of body image issues like everyone else, I just change and go. But this woman—who could be on the cover of Yoga Journal—promptly went into a privacy stall. I had seen this woman do things in class that I could only dream of attempting and even with a lifestyle calibrated with the optimum balance of exercise and nutrition, I’m certain my body could never look like hers. And she went into the privacy stall. We were the only two people there. Everyone has issues. Whether we understand them or not—they’re there. No one is adding extra time to their day thinking about yours.

So overall, the challenge was a success. It made me feel like—yeah, I can do that. The next year I hiked in the Himalayas and reflected on how since I did the challenge, I could do this.  And so can you.

But should we? And what do we give up in succeeding? In that one month, I know I turned down time to hang with friends, something that’s important to me. I hear from my mom friends that taking an hour to do [insert “good for you” thing] is an hour not spent with family. And life already takes time away.

Yet even with the already precarious balancing act we find ourselves in, there’s something so alluring about adding more challenges and expectations. Setting resolutions.

In December 2018, I signed up for another yoga challenge. This time, it was a 21-day deal. I didn’t even read it before I registered. Had I read it—and looked at a calendar—I’d have known I had no shot.

Instead, I was determined to get it done. I had done it before, of course I could do it again. I posted about it—which is funny because again NO ONE CARES—and not one person ever brought it up.

Spoiler alert: I did not finish. On a pivotal day that I thought I needed to get to a class to have a chance, I was sick. And I was sick because I was rundown. How do I know? Because after one day of sleep and rest, I felt way better. That doesn’t happen if you have a proper cold or flu. But instead of just honoring my body—a very yoga concept—I created a storm of anxiety about how not going to class that day was going to force me to fail at this totally irrelevant thing I was doing. I laid on the couch and created a comprehensive list of all the things I’m failing at and how 2019 had to be the year I do better.

Because I failed at a yoga challenge.

I didn’t think about how doing the yoga challenge got me back on my mat more times that month than I would ever regularly do. Or how good I felt because of the classes I did make. Or that results, even small ones, came quickly. Or that I was finding a decent balance to get to class while still wrapping up end-of-the-year work responsibilities, time with friends and dealing with family things.

There’s something sadly gratifying about creating situations you are deemed to fail at. It’s a clever way to prove those negative voices in your head have been right all along. Because if no one cares, and everyone needs help and everyone has issues, the only one who is putting this pressure on you—is you.

The reason sticking to resolutions or making changes is hard is because life is hard. We don’t give ourselves credit for all the things we manage to successfully cram into our 24/7/365. Instead, we focus on all that is missing. All the ways we are failing. All the expectations we aren’t meeting. Set by no one.

So my resolution for 2019 is to celebrate the small successes. To be patient with myself. To turn the negative noise down, even if it’s just a little bit quieter. And to be happy I get to class whenever life allows me to be there.  Because life is hard enough. I don’t need to make it harder.

New Year, New You?

We are half-way through January. Are you feeling yourself and your New Year’s resolve? Being visited by the ghost of failed resolutions: past, present and future? Or was this the year you bagged calendar driven proclamations completely?

In the past, I did a major cleanse starting Jan. 1 (or 2.) It was intense: vegan, gluten-free, no alcohol, no caffeine and no sugar. It was a lot. But I usually did it with a group of people including Jess and Pamela. There was something kinda fun about being on a journey–although a super frustrating, long and cranky one at that–with friends and sharing stories about things that were working or what we were learning about ourselves in the process. In fact–the idea for this blog was born out of that experience.

So it was successful. And I’m glad I did it. But I don’t do it anymore.

Over the holidays, I had breakfast with my cousin–the one I told you about–and we talked about resolutions and dreams and personal challenges that block us from accomplishing our goals. It was nice. I always find comfort in knowing I’m not alone, especially in ways that feel so personal. It’s freeing to know all the barriers I create for myself aren’t exclusively mine. It’s easier to see them in others, which make them seem less permanent structures in my own life.

So I want to dedicate a few posts to resolutions and what they say about us and how we can learn from them in ways that we maybe weren’t expecting. While I’m not doing the cleanse this year, 2018 ended with an experience that really impacted how I have prepared for 2019, including setting resolutions. More on that to come…

For today, I’m going to start this little series by going back to my cousin. Based on our conversation, she wrote this post and has since started her own blog. I’m proud of her and happy to know someone who has already said “yes” to 2019. She identified barriers and worked around them. Something I hope to do more of this year, too.

Fear Or F.E.A.R.

A 2019 Resolution

Occasionally I find myself thinking about if I was an animal (and yes , I realize people technically ARE animals but I mean animals as in “not human” animals) and what kind of animal I would be. Is there an animal that I relate to? Do I relate to more than one? I believe I do relate to more than one…maybe I relate to different things about different animals. Like some days I really understand what it means to be a sloth or a even an ordinary house cat hissing at something I don’t like. But as I’m getting older I find myself thinking about things on a different (maybe even bizarre) level. I think if I had to choose an animal that I tend to see myself as it would have to be a deer. And not just a regular deer….a deer in headlights that is second- guessing it’s own movements.

As I have been getting further into the decades of my life, I find myself contemplating my entire existence. I have not always been pleased with my choices and looking back, I see the common denominator of what was and has been holding me back in many areas. Or what has been the cause of my getting into situations that I don’t much care for. That one thing is fear. That’s how I feel that I relate to deer. They are born into a world that basically is out to get them….to eat them actually. Other animals and humans too. Deer need to be suspicious, cautious and well, basically scared in order to keep themselves safe. When I see deer, I watch how they are always on alert and quick to startle and run away. They need to do that for survival. That’s sort of how I feel that I have been living my own life. I did certain things and didn’t do other things out of fear.

As an overly sensitive child (and now, overly sensitive adult) I didn’t do certain things that I wanted to do because I was afraid of what might happen. I was always afraid of what someone might think, that it would be the wrong thing to do, that I wouldn’t be good at what I tried or just thinking I didn’t deserve to have what I really wanted. Most of the time I did things to just please everyone else. I felt it was expected of me so that’s what I did.

Deer also do have some “en-deer-ing” qualities (see what I did there?). Deer are quick on their feet and graceful. Sometimes I’m graceful. Other times I trip over air. Does also tend to be good mothers to their fawns. Instinct helps in regards to parenting, as does the fear. I was afraid of what might happen so I was sure to be highly cautious and on guard when it came to my kids. Hopefully, that is at least one good thing that came from my fear driven life. Fear can be a helpful thing and we can’t go through life totally fearless about everything. If we did, well, not many of us would even make it to adulthood. Fear does have it’s place. Until it’s crippling. I do believe that that’s where the second guessing comes in to play. I have always been a huge second guesser. On my drive home tonight, I came upon two deer and they did their normal panic and were unsure which way to go. One went one direction and the other went opposite. This time their decisions kept them alive. Other times they second guess and back track and a lot of times they wind up as road kill. I was thinking about the two deer and how they split and went two different directions. Fear sent the one deer back the way that it came. The other moved forward. I thought about that and about how many times I was afraid to move forward in my life. Or if I eventually did, it took me a long time. A lot of overanalyzing on my part. I, too, was afraid of becoming road kill.

It also made me realize that I am entirely sick of living this way. I was talking with my good friend (and cousin) recently and we discussed the second guessing that I have always been plagued with. She said she never second guesses herself because everyone else does it for her. I found that absolutely fascinating and a great way to look at it. One of the things that held me back was worrying about what other people think. How oddly liberating it is to think that if everyone else is judging my decisions and second guessing me….then I don’t have to. They’re doing it for me which frees me up to live and do what I want.

I recently read that fear has two meanings. One is to think like the deer – Forget Everything And Run. I’ve done that for far too long. I like the second meaning better – Face Everything And Rise. So one of my goals for the coming year and hopefully for the rest of my life is to follow the second definition of fear. I’m tired of hiding and playing it safe. As hard as it is for me to put myself out there and maybe even draw attention to myself, I’m going to do it. I have to.

Wanna share your experience with resolutions? We’d love to hear it. Either comment below or DM our Facebook page to submit a post!

Standouts and Game Changers of 2018!

Another year is in the books, and you know we LOOOOOOOVE a good round-up of favorites! We’ve got beauty we can’t stop reaching for, life changing products, and things that just make life better. And away! We! Go!


LanoLips 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm

Pamela gifted this to me last year, and as winter tries to turn me into dust, this stuff is a lifesaver. I put it on my lips every night before bed, and it’s still a little bit there in the morning! It’s also great for those dry spots that show up around your nose, or cuticles, or basically anywhere. I hope to never be without it!

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncuffed

I know Lyn has gotten us all to buy something Fenty over the past year or so, and with good reason: this shit is bananas. I picked up the shade Uncuffed during one of the V.I.B. events late last year, and it is PERFECTION. The shade is the absolute perfect rosy mauve, which is my go-to shade for “I don’t want to look dead but I don’t want hot pink lips today” every day wear. The formula is truly weightless, and while it’s not 100% transfer-proof, it’s pretty locked in, and it fades without getting clumpy or flaky. I reach for this almost every day, and it lasts through coffee and lunch and life.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable Brow Pencil

While I love the Kat Von D Brow Struck Dimension powder and think it’s seriously a stand out this year in the world of brow products, I find myself reaching for this $4 pencil nearly every day. It applies soooo quickly and easily and lasts all day. KVD comes out to play if I’m being fancy, but this guy is my ride or die right now.

Saalt Menstrual Cup

Early in the year, I was maybe 85% thinking about making the switch to menstrual cups; when Pamela told me she was switching, it was enough to make me take the plunge. After trying an ok, but not quite right cup the first go around, I found the Saalt cup on Amazon and it is my glass slipper. I like the Saalt because it is a softer silicone, made for “”active women. It’s totally comfortable, and haven’t had any leak issues despite deadlifting, working on my feet, dancing, sleeping… whatever. Plus, it just feels… well, less gross overall!! They last for years, so a bonus is that it feels great to not be throwing/flushing so much (including dolla bills) away. I also like that the company is owned by women who give back to women who may not have access to period care. I am seriously mad I got all the way to my 40’s before realizing cups are the way to go BTW- once you get past the learning curve (and yeah, it for sure takes a cycle or three to get the hang of it), my period is no longer such a pain in the ass. Well, obviously it still is a little, but for sure way less of one.

Apple AirPods

I have gone through about 17000 variations of arm bands, pockets, bluetooth devices, and fanny packs trying to listen to music or podcasts at the gym. My husband finally convinced me to YOLO and buy a pair of AirPods, and they are PURE WIZARDRY. I don’t even know why I resisted for so long. I haven’t ever liked the earbuds that come with Apple products, but somehow these feel mostly invisible in my ears, and yeah, they don’t fall out! I use them everywhere, too- not just the gym. Washing dishes? AirPods. Cleaning my office? AirPods. Grocery shopping? AirPods. The charge lasts forever- did you know they charge right in the case?? I probably charge them once a week or so, but I’ve never even come close to draining them. If I had any complaints, it’s that I wish they would get just a tiny bit louder, but it’s probably better for my health if they don’t. 😉

Spindrift Sparkling Water

For whatever reason, I, along with the hipsters, can’t get enough of sparkling water lately. BUT HAVE YOU TRIED SPINDRIFT?? It is sparkling water with real juice squeezed in!! Not a lot- just like, if you squeezed a lemon wedge into your drink. It’s enough, though, to make it crazy good. Like, CRAZY good. Does it add a few calories? Sure, but the worst offender (grapefruit) only has 15 calories per can. I haven’t gotten my hands on every flavor yet (so far I’ve only found it at Target and Costco), but the blackberry and grapefruit are worth having in your fridge AT ALL TIMES.


Drunk Elephant, everything: Okay–maybe not EVERYTHING–but a lot. This girl ain’t loyal when it comes to skin care products and I’m notorious for bouncing around and trying lots of things to see what’s magic. Well–I think Drunk Elephant might be it! My top favorite is the T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum. It is pricey, but a little goes a long way and the results are immediate. It’s crazy to me how incredibly different my skin feels in the morning after using it at night. I also find the Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream is luxuriously divine. Wanna give them a shot and see what you think? The minis pack The Littles™ is a great introduction to the line.

Urban Decay, Born to Run eyeshadow palette: I’m really unclear why this palette didn’t get much love when it came out. The layout is great–especially if you generally dislike the long, skinny shadow structure of the Naked palettes–this one is in squares and the rows act like little mini palettes. The color range is very unique and offers a lot of new looks. I also like that the palette itself is thin, but sturdy and it has a huge mirror so it’s great for travel. Definitely a good deal with 21 shadows and a lot of room to play.

Marc Jacobs Beauty, Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick: I tried one of these in Sugar, Sugar and then went HAM and bought a bunch. I’m crazy for these in so many ways. They are a gloss–but a stick and not goopy or sticky or messy. I think even you would like them, Jess! They give the perfect amount of reflection to make your lips look full and fab. And layered over pencils gives them even more versatility. Definitely worth the price.

Norman Kamli, Kamali Kulture Go Crew Neck Dress: This is the greatest, easiest dress of all time. I know that sounds crazy and like a huge over-exaggeration, but it’s not. It’s an instant classic LBD. It’s100% flattering, super soft, simple to pack, no wrinkle, forgiving, like pajamas but classy, any occasion dress. Put Vans on and it’s casual. Throw a necklace on and heels and it’s dressy. Grab boots and it’s somewhere in the middle. With tights–it’s perfect for winter. No tights–it’s a spring/fall/cool summer day dream. If I could wear it every day, I would. I honestly might order another one to have a back up, I love it that much.

photo courtesy of shopbop.com

Apple, AirPods: Jess and I were going to do a joint review of these magical wonders, but never got around to it. (aah, life.) I agree with everything she said. I also bought them because Michael Boggs told me to–in fact–Team Boggs drove me to the Apple store and went with me to get them. I keep them in my pocket and use them constantly. They are super convenient so you can just pop them on and go. I walk a lot and always have them on, even if I’m just going a few blocks. They are also the only way I’ll talk on the phone anymore. I will legit tell someone I’ll call them back so I can grab them, if they aren’t immediately available. You don’t have to yell when talking and you can hear perfectly. Unlike Jess, I have had them die on me, but I’m also spacey about charging them. Which is silly because they charge super fast. I think it’s less than an hour to bring them back to full capacity. The only downsides are the volume isn’t super loud which Jess mentioned–I guess it’s good because it makes it so you can still be aware of your surroundings when walking with them–but on some podcasts I feel like I’d like a little more juice. When you wear them on an airplane, you have to keep your Bluetooth on to have them paired with your phone, so you can’t go into full “airplane” mode. And I do feel a little self-conscious wearing them because they are kinda douchey looking and I lose the effect of traditional headphones that say “I can’t hear you so don’t talk to me.” But aside from those few things, I can’t say enough about what a game changer they were for me this year. Bonus–I’ve had them for six months and haven’t lost them, which is huge!

(and side note: yes to fenty beauty too! and there are 10 new mattemoiselle plush matte lipsticks–thicc being my favorite!)

Schitt’s Creek: Another shout-out to Jess–she called this one and was ON ME  (and you) to watch it–and she was so right. I haven’t been this excited about a show in a long time. And it’s coming back on January 16th so you have time to get caught up before the new season comes out, if you didn’t take her advice the first time around to check it out. I’m the worst at binge-watching and we blew through this faster than any series ever. Also–my closet goals = David Rose and Dan Levy is a great IG follow, if you’re not already on it.


Milwaukee Bucks: YOU GUYS!!!! We have the best team in the entire NBA!!!! Seriously!!! We are #1 right now!!! I told you not to sleep on the Bucks two years ago and I’m telling you again–get on it!!! #fearthedeer

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! We love you all so much and are excited for new products, adventures and all the everything and nothings life invariably throws at us. We’d love to hear what rocked your world in 2018 or things you’d like us to check up on for you in upcoming posts. 

Because if 2018 taught us anything–life can be much too much sometimes (and also that it’s okay to declare “it’s my turn to take a selfish!”)–and 2019 could be more of the same.

So let’s do 2019 better–together.

My 51 Favorite Songs of 2018

It’s such a process to pull my list of favorite songs together. I had a ton of albums that I was super into (I’ll give you my favorite albums on a later post) so I thought my list would suffered or have a limited scope.  But luckily–it was nothing to worry about!—I had MORE than enough songs up for consideration. My list could’ve been over a 100 deep this year—but who wants to listen to all that!—so I knew I had to trim it down. So I did–to a reasonable 51–and I think my list is banging! (51 because drake. i wasn’t going to–but then i had to.)

To weed out songs and make the list slightly more manageable to put together—I put a hard stop on when a song had to be out to be considered for the list—no song out after October 31 was eligible. And I tried to only include songs that came out after November 1, 2017. (i did make one small exception for a song i LOVED but came out october 17, 2017. but it’s from a pretty unknown band so it’s getting some love.)

My rules mean that some songs that show up on lots of year end lists like “thank u, next” and “Love it if we made it”—Pitchfork’s top song of the year–came out a couple weeks ago so you won’t find them below.

And quite honestly—there’s so much music out—it’s already hard to get to everything anyway. I legit didn’t listen to any of the songs that came out after my deadline—I sequester all new music which is hard but necessary—so I can really sort through the over 300 songs that were in my playlist for consideration. These songs are great—I’ve since listened to them a ton!—but I had to draw the line somewhere. So I will put some links below to other year end song lists that may be more comprehensive and give you more songs to check out.

For this year’s list—I will give you the song, artist and my favorite line along with a link to the video—if available–AND will link the genius.com lyrics. The newish Genius feature on Spotify is one of my favorite recent music developments. I get way too happy when a Genius is linked to a song I’m playing on Spotify. Plus some of these songs have interesting stories that are included on Genius with artist videos, so they are worth checking out. And if there’s a Song Exploder episode about a song–I’ll link that, too.

So without further ado—my favorite songs of the year—starting with my favorite song and then sequenced with your listening enjoyment in mind. (therefore—don’t shuffle!—at least not for the first listen.)

1. Missing U, Robyn: “all the love you gave, it still defines me.”

2. Why Didn’t You Stop Me, Mitski: “I know that I ended it, but why won’t you chase after me?”

3. High Horse, Kacey Musgraves:  “I bet you think you’re first place, yeah, someone should give you a ribbon and put you in the hall of fame for all the games you think that you’re winning”

4. Doesn’t matter, Christine and the Queens (Song Exploder): “And of lately the only people I can stare are the unraveled ones with their hands laying bare” 

5. Grooves on the Vinyl, Gorgon City: “we’re switching it up and making it right”

6. All Nerve, The Breeders: “you don’t know how much I miss you

7. Please Don’t Die, Father John Misty: “Oh god, you must have woken up to me saying that it’s all too much”

8. Thanks 4 Nothing, Nilüfer Yanya: “Will you and I waste this? I won’t even try in case it don’t work

9. Bite the Hand, boygenius: “Your hands are gravity while my hands are tied”

10. lovely, Billie Eilish, Khalid: “Need a place to hide, but I can’t find one near”

11. breathin, Ariana Grande: “All I need is to see your face

12. Pristine, Snail Mail: “I’ll still love you the same

13. Lemon Glow, Beach House: “This game I play, I do it every day, Then promise I’ll be fine, bear it every time”

14. Mariners Apartment Complex, Lana Del Rey: “And who I’ve been is with you on these beaches, Your Venice bitch, your die-hard, your weakness”

15. C’est La Vie No. 2, Phosphorescent: “I don’t stand out all night in empty fields and call your name no more”

16. How Deep is Your Love, PJ Morton featuring YEBBA: “We belong to you and me

17. Long As I Live, Toni Braxton: “I’ll never get over (you getting over me)

18. Only Love, Mary J. Blige: “I was so over love till you came right in and you brought me home”

19. I Do, Cardi B featuring SZA: “Pussy so good, I say my own name during sex

20. Remind Me to Forget, Kygo, Miguel: “You left your mark, reminding me to forget

21. Dissolve, Kllo: “Should we dissolve this?

22. Loose, Daniel Caesar: “See you walking out the door, Wonder why it took you so long”

23. Consequence, Camilla Cabello: “Loving you was sunshine, safe and sound, a steady place to let down my defenses, but loving you had consequences”

24. The End of Love, Florence + the Machine: “I’ve always been in love with you, could you tell it from the moment that I met you?”

25. Vincent, James Blake: “But I could have told you, Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you”

26. Back to You, Selena Gomez: “You could break my heart in two but when it heals, it beats for you

27. Song for You, Rhye: “I saw that fear when you showed me that kiss, We fell in love”

28. ‘Til It’s Over, Anderson. Paak: “I really thought that I can handle it but the funny thing is, I was holding back tears”

29. Woman, Cat Power featuring Lana Del Rey (Song Exploder): “Doctor said I was not my past, He said I was finally free

30. Nameless, Faceless, Courtney Barnett: I wanna walk through the park in the dark, Men are scared that women will laugh at them ,I wanna walk through the park in the dark, Women are scared that men will kill them”

31. Chun-Li, Nicki Minaj: “He keep on dialin’ Nicki like the Prince song

32. One Kiss, Calvin Harris with Dua Lipa: “I just wanna feel your skin on mine, Feel your eyes do the exploring

33. Dancefloor, Tracey Thorn: “Someone singing and I realise it’s me”

34. Accelerate, Christina Aguilera featuring Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz: “I’ll be with my ladies you can find me there, try to play us, we gon’ start a riot up in here”

35. My My My!, Troye Sivan: “Let’s stop running from us

36. 4Ever, Clairo: “Are you gonna be around for me to count on?


37. In My Feelings, Drake: “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?

38. Dancing, Kylie Minogue: “When I go out, I wanna go out dancing

39. Can’t Run But, Paul Simon: “I had a dream about us after that long goodnight”

40. Make Me Feel, Janelle Monae: “It’s like I’m powerful with a little bit of tender

41. When We, Tank: “Who came to make sweet love? Not me.”

42. International Lover, Prince: “Am I qualified?”

43. I Know You, Craig David and Bastille: “Falling together, arms round each other, I know you, know me too”

44. No Place, RÜFÜS DU SOL: “You run your fingers through the palm of my hand, pulling me closer, drawn by your command”

45. Made for Now, Janet Jackson featuring Daddy Yankee: “We’re made for now, not tomorrow”

46. Bodys, Car Seat Headrest: “Those are you got some nice shoulders, I’d like to put my hands around them”

47. San Luis, Gregory Alan Isakov: “Cutting through the avenues, I’d always find my way to you”

48. Addictions, Lucy Dacus: “Was I a risk without reward or did I make you proud?

49. Naked, Ella Mai: “But what if I told you there’s nothing I want more in this world than somebody who loves me naked”

50. symbol, Adrianne Lenker: “Do you not, do you not tell? That smile always makes me well”

51. Shallow, Lady Gaga and Bradley: “We’re far from the shallow now

There you have it! What a year it was!! Here’s a link to the playlist on Spotify:


And YouTube:

And here are some other lists worth checking out from Pitchfork, Consequence of Sound, NPR, The Fader and Gorilla vs. Bear.

But most important–what’s on your list? I always create a new list of songs to check out based on other year-end lists, so add your submissions below!

Here’s to a heck of a year for music!!

New masks reviewed–keep or return?

Masks are such an indulgence–but sheesh–I really love them! And with the Sephora’s recent 20% off sale, I grabbed some high profile products to try.

I’ve only used these a few times over the past couple weeks, but I definitely have some first impressions I thought I’d share, especially since masks make great gifts or ways to use the onslaught of Sephora gift cards that will hopefully be coming your way this holiday season. (or truly–you can just go to sephora and get samples–which is perfect for trying out new masks.)

All of these masks have received not only high marks on Sephora.com but also have logged a lot of reviews. Are they worth the cash? Do you really see a difference? Let’s find out!

OLEHENRIKSEN, Cold Plunge Pore Mask: Full disclosure–I got this one a few months ago but I’m not sure I ever wrote about it. Of all the masks, I’ve found this one to be the most basic, but also has the best and most reviews of all these options. It’s not terribly different than a clay mask you can get at Walgreens for a fraction of the cost. And from my POV–I’d save my money on this one. It’s kinda thick and gunky. It definitely has a cooling sensation. But I would not say it’s pore minimizing which it claims in the description. If you were having troubles with breakouts, this would definitely be your option in the bunch, but again, I think there are better options out there for the price.

Omorovicza Cosmetics, Deep Cleansing Mask:  This one is DEFINITELY the most expensive of the bunch. Like by a lot! I got it as part of a three-pack of products called, Omorovicza Heroes. All of these products, especially the mask are extremely lux. The scent is straight up spa. Does it work? It does. My skin really looks fantastic after using it. Very bright and fresh. There is a noticeable difference after using it that isn’t just temporary. My skin still looks good a few days after. This mask has great reviews and people are definitely obsessed–and I can see why. It also carries the Clean at Sephora™ designation and is CF, which makes me happy. Should you rush out and buy it? If you feel like your skin needs a wake up call or you need something that gives you a 20 minute spa experience–sure. But I would mainly recommend it in this setting and during a discount period.

Drunk Elephant, T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial™: Because if you really are having a skin emergency–dull skin, roughness, just general blah skin–this would be the product I would recommend more than any other. I’m having a serious Drunk Elephant moment and this product is another home run for me. I picked this up in the checkout line as a smaller trial size. While I’m sure the per ounce price jacks up an already pricey product sky high, I would definitely recommend going that route before spending $80 on a mask to make sure it’s a good match for you. It’s got a weird color but goes on easily. It does generate a tingling sensation to your skin and I would only use it at night. The trial size I bought came with a tiny vial of the virgin marula oil. It is recommended to put the oil on after removing the mask. I have been doing this, but any moisturizer will work. I do want to note thought–I actually don’t find it that drying even though it’s basically an acid peel at home. But it doesn’t hurt to load up on the moisturizer just to be safe. All Drunk Elephant products are also Clean at Sephora™ certified.

Summer Fridays, Jet Lag Mask: I’m struggling the most with this one. It’s extremely weird. Let me try to explain. The whole point of the mask is hydration. To be fair–I haven’t actually flown anywhere and worn it there like it’s name suggestions. (when I do fly–i tend to load up on an oil like Josie Maran, Kora Organics, Acure Organics or whatever i happen to have at that moment. anyway!) When you put it on, your face legit looks like you have a filter on it. It’s kind of amazing and also kinda weird. You have NO pores when wearing the mask. Yet, it’s not meant as a primer. It also feels like you have a seal on your face. Like wax on Gouda cheese. But it also doesn’t FEEL waxy. It’s like if you mixed a little wax or plastic into your moisturizer. It’s also a mask you don’t have to take it off. You can just wear it overnight. Like a souped up lotion. But you can also remove it after 20 minutes. I’ve used it both ways. Putting it on and sleeping in it and removing it after a spell with a warm wash cloth, as recommended. But here’s my complaint, when you sleep in it and wake up in the morning, it feels exactly like how it felt when you went to bed. But when I rinse it off in the shower, my skin doesn’t actually feel more hydrated than days when I just follow my overall routine. So it feels good on–but I just don’t know that it’s doing anything. With all that said–I also haven’t had any major redness or skin episodes that may call for a mask like this–however, I’m not sure I ever really do.  Overall–I think it needs to go back.

Kora Organics, Turmeric 2-in-1 Brightening & Exfoliating Mask: I weirdly really like this one. I’ve used it a few times in the morning in the shower and it really softens my skin and gives it a glow. It also has a tingling effect but it’s not annoying and doesn’t make my skin red. The reviews are also super strong on this one although there aren’t as many of them as the Cold Plunge mask. It’s a grainy mask with pretty big pieces in it. It doesn’t feel abrasive, it just really feels like your skin is getting a good clean. And it feels like you really accomplished something when you use it.  I’m a fan and I also like that it’s part of the Clean at Sephora™ collections.

There you have it! I wish I could take back the Cold Plunge but I think it’s been too long. The Summer Friday needs to be returned, but the others are all very solid masks just as the reviews state that I think I’ll be keeping. They all do sort of a similar thing but in different ways. If I had to choose just one, I’d go with the Drunk Elephant but the Kora Organics would be right behind.

Any masks you’re loving? Anything you picked up during all the sale periods you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Empties: all the things!

I felt like I had recently done an “empties” post—until I opened my bag of used up products and was shocked by what was in there! So. Much. Stuff!!

So I’ve got lots to review and I don’t want this post to be as long as it could be—so I’ll try to keep it brief—try.

L’Oreal Visible Lift Radiance Booster: This actually wasn’t empty, just expired. I liked it fine, but it’s not my favorite, so I really didn’t reach for it that often.

SheaMoisture,100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Body Wash: This was my summer JAM in the shower. If you love coconut–get this. So moisturizing and smells divine.

Wet N Wild, MegaCushion Foundation SPF 15, Cream Ivory: This is now my every day foundation. I love it. I have repurchased.

Tarte Cosmetics, colored clay CC primer, light: RIP former favorite every day foundation. All that’s left are options for darker skin tones, so no repurchasing for me.

Skyn Iceland, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels: I really love these patches. They are a little more expensive but very good. I try to get them when there’s a sale.

Earth Therapeutics, Hydrogel Under-Eye Recovery Patch, in Rose and Green Tea: A cheaper option and still get the job done. No difference between the two so whatever you’d prefer is fine.

Urban Decay Cosmetics, Aphrodisiac 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, Zero: This was pretty old and dried out. I like other UD pencils better, so I wouldn’t get this particular one.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lip Primer: I bought replacements for this during the Ulta 2-for-1 lip sale. At a reduced price, I love this one!

Clary Bath + Body Oil: This was a gift from Pamela and I loved it! I ended up finding the same product, just a different version at a little store in Arkansas and grabbed it.

Sunday Riley, Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment: Ah, this was ok. But I’m using Drunk Elephant’s nighttime serum and I’m totally hooked on that, so I’m done with this one.

Batiste, Hint of Color Travel Size Dry Shampoo: I still struggle with dry shampoos. I got this to use in between color appointments. It reminds me to get in!

Suddz, AquaFix® Hydrating Conditioner: And when I’m at Co Leigh Co Salon–I always make sure I’m good with my conditioner. Legit the only thing I’ll use.

Algenist, Concentrated Reconstructing Serum: It took me forever to get through this–but it was pricey–so I did. That says it all.

American Provenance, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Deodorant; Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Clove: My favorite. Repurchased.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II: People are crazy for this and the reviews are so good. I totally don’t get it. I also think it’s been rebranded.

Milk Makeup, Matcha Toner: I really like this, as you already know.

Sephora Collection, LashCraft Length & Volume Mascara: This mascara has a flat brush which I dig. But not CF, so not repurchasing.

NYX Professional Makeup Worth the Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara: Not worth the hype, but fine.

Too Faced, Hangover Replenishing Face Primer: This one IS my favorite primer. Period. Already had a backup.

Bumble and Bumble, Bb.Curl Defining Creme: I have another hair product I like better but this was fine for travel.

Clinique, Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15: I really liked this! And it was a panic purchase at an airport. But alas–not CF.

Maybelline, Eyestudio® ColorTattoo® Leather 24HR Cream Gel Eye Shadow:  Covergirl just went CF! Maybe Maybelline will do the same soon? Because I like these.

Smashbox, Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Dark Spot Correcting, Light: Also liked this but see above: not CF.

Lush Cosmetics, Ro’s Argan Shower Moisturizer: Ugh. I love this so much!! But it’s expensive. I’ll probably repurchase but I haven’t so far.

Phew!! We did it! I’m super proud I worked through so many things–but I also know I can’t wait so long between “empties” posts!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for you!!!!

What you and I grabbed at the Sephora 20% Rouge: weekend one

For this year’s VIB Rouge sale, I wanted to try some things I’ve had on my “loves” list for a while. Most of the items I learned about from YouTube videos and have been curious to check out.

I started with an actual trip to the Sephora at West Towne on Sunday night. With my Sephora app open and ready to go, I started my visit with a return—a $14 Cover FX setting powder that I could just tell I wasn’t gonna use.

Return one, pick up seven—seems right. *eye roll*

Before you judge too hard—I do actually return quite a bit—it’s one of my new rules to return things I can tell won’t work for me right away.

And already by Thursday night—there are a few things from this trip I know I won’t be keeping.

Back to the visit—once my return was made—I made the rounds. I took a bunch of things off my list like all the Sephora Favorites collections. The lip one just didn’t have colors I was that into and the lashes one had too many non-cruelty free options. Same with the skin care—all just meh.

After checking out the holiday sets at the front of the store, I turned left towards the Marc Jacobs area. I had heard magical things about the Marc Jacob, Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss in Sugar, Sugar from kathleenlights and decided to give it a go.

Marc Jacobs, Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in (Grape)vine 63, a matte purple also found its way into my awkward Sephora basket, because why not? I really like my other liners from the line and I’m always down for a new purple one.

Next up: concealer. I headed up the aisle to Cover FX. While I returned the Cover FX powder, I wanted to try the Power Play Concealer after watching this video from Teni Panosian. So I picked up the N Light 1.

And since I was in the Cover FX aisle, I also grabbed the Anti-Aging Primer because it was a “WOW” deal down from $38 to $22 plus 20% so I thought it was worth seeing how it was.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Sephora without at least one unnecessary lipstick. I decided to get the Bite Beauty, Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Chai after seeing Jaime Paige’s fall lip video.

I’ve really been digging my Drunk Elephant skin care products, which basically make up my current nighttime skin care route. I picked up those products during the last 20% off sale, so I decided to try the Drunk Elephant, C-Firma Day Serum after watching this Wayne Goss video that raved about this serum.

Since the kit was only $8 more than the serum alone, I decide to pick this holiday pack up so I’ll have a travel polypeptide cream and I can try some of the other day time products.

Finally, I was just wandering around and made one spontaneous purchase that wasn’t on my list and that was the Summer Friday, Jet Lag mask.

I’m intrigued because it’s supposed to be very hydrating and it’s part of the “Clean” program. And I like the packaging. I’m a sucker for packaging.

There were a few more items I wanted to try that weren’t at the store, so I also did one late Sunday night purchase right before I fell asleep order. ( i’m guessing this is not healthy behavior.) They arrived Thursday afternoon—just in time for me to include them in this post.

I really did wanted a holiday lip kit so I decided on the Becca X Chrissy Teigen, Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit I don’t wear a ton of glosses so these little ones are perfect—they aren’t super small like a sample—but a nice purse size. And I really love the colors. Plus at $29 plus 20% off, I feel like it’s a pretty good deal.

As we know—I love stick products—so in the above video when Teni recommended NudeStix, Nudies Tinted Blur Stick ,I decided to also give those a try. I wasn’t sure on shade since I was ordering online so automatically one of these will be going back. I went with Light 2 and Light 3.

Finally, this one has been on my wish list for at least a year. I’ve had samples of the Omorovicza products and have been crazy for all of them. Omorovicza Heroes pack  included three of my favorites, so I had to try them in their full size. This one is always sold out—it was when I tried to get it once before—but it comes back in, so sign up for an email alert.

Here’s me today with the Marc Jacobs lip gloss over UD Liar lip pencil, the concealer, serum and my new Pat McGrath palette (!) which sadly, I love because they are wicked pricey

One week in, I’ve tried many of the products. I love the Marc Jacobs products. I’m still on the fence on that concealer but I’m going to try it another week. And the primer is fine—definitely worth the discounted price—but I’m not sure it’s worth full price.

There is something in the Bite Beauty formula that does not agree with my lips. That lipstick felt like it burned my lips, for real. And I kinda remember having the same thing happen the last time I did their nighttime lip treatment. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s going back.

And I’ve only tried the serum a few days. So far, I don’t really notice anything. But I’m willing to give it a fair shake.

The Chrissy Teigen lip glosses are as delightful as her IG feed so they are staying.

I haven’t tried the mask, NudeStix or Omorovicza products but I’ll keep you posted.

I also had the great, great fortune of being the new owner of a Pat McGrath Labs, MTHRSHP Subliminal Dark Star Eyeshadow Palette.Thank you, Anjee!!! I love it! Today I wore Interstellar and I’m completely in love!

Speaking of Anjee—I asked on the socials what everyone else is getting to add it to the blog—and Anjee spoke super highly of all the Pat McGrath Labs shadows. One palette in and I may also be hooked!

Anna said she’s grabbing both of the Fenty lip glosses. We all know Gloss Bomb is my holy grail! I’m so excited to hear how the new one looks. She’s also picking up the IT Cosmetics Illumination CC Cream—I know my friend, Norma is the leader of the fan club and also a member!—so it does come highly recommended by her. It was a little too shiny for me and slightly too high of coverage, but the formula is really nice.

And Rachel got the Naked Cherry palette and gave it super high marks! She said it’s heavily pigmented and rally different from the Naked 3, which was my main concern. I’ll definitely be giving it a look.

So there you have it—the obsession continue!

Did you grab anything? Looking at anything for the second weekend? Hit me up below!

Per usual—my addiction, my money. 

Otto Titsling’s newest creations reviewed including ThirdLove

It’s been two years (TWO YEARS!!) since I chatted about my favorite bras. Not too much has changed regarding my favorite style—bralettes—or my boob size: small (although I have confirmed my “A” size—more on that below.)

What has changed is the number of online shops featuring specialty undergarment lines since that first post published including our girl, RiRi’s launch: Savage x Fenty, which just rocked New York Fashion Week with a runway filled with all the shapes, sizes and styles you can imagine.

In my limited experience, new outfitters are AGGRESSIVE. I swear I get a postcard mailer weekly from ThirdLove boasting their best fitting bras. And if you should decide to check out their website—be aware—their ads will follow you everywhere. And I’m having a similar issue with AdoreMe which I haven’t purchased from and am reminded by them of that every day.

And some retailers are adding undergarments their collections. One of my favorite online clothing sites, the reformation.com, famous for its sustainable, reclaimed textiles just launched a line of lingerie that quickly sold out, but has since been restocked.

I figured it had been a while since I had picked up anything new—and with a post request from a friend on ThirdLove—now was the time to see what’s good in the world of Mr. Otto Titsling’s newest creations. Let’s recap!

Savage x Fenty

I am an unabashed Rihanna stan. Period. But I try to be honest about reviewing her products—it just so happens I’ve also really loved them—so it hasn’t been hard to continue stumping for her.

The makeup line is wonderful. I just got a deluxe sample of her Pro-filter Primer and just ordered two of her three new Stunna lip paints to check out.

Could her lingerie line live up to the level set by Fenty Beauty? What do you think?

Yes—of course—it’s wonderful, too!

There are so many styles and fabrics and it’s incredibly inclusive. I wouldn’t imagine you could go to the site and NOT find something you’d like to order regardless of your size. Honestly, going to the site is worth it just to see the gorgeous models she used and all the personality and beauty it celebrates.

one of the sets i purchased. photo courtesy of savagex.com

I ordered three sets during a recent sale. It was 2/$39 bralettes, 3/$24 undies and 25% off online. Overall–I got three full sets for $80–which is just over $26/set which is incredibly cheap.

The fit—especially the bras—is exceptional. I also really, really love the fabric. It feels substantial without being thick or heavy. It’s very smoothing although it’s not designed like Spanx or that kind of product. It just lays without lines or bunching.

There is a small detail along the edge of the underwear that I was able to snag with my fingernail, which was a little disappointing.

the little black detail on this set is what i managed to snag. oh well. photo courtesy of savagex.com

But I liked the fit of the underwear so much I bought five more through their recent 5/$35 sale.

There is one negative. Savage Fenty offers a $49 subscription service/membership. I did this with my first order to get a shipping discount. But I will be canceling it. I don’t see myself needing to buy anything else in the near future that would offset the cost of the annual fee. But in case you were wondering, this is what’s included in the membership according to the website:

  • Enjoy membership-only pricing, 20-25% off every style.
  • Free Shipping – Both ways on us.
  • The Drop – Early access to our latest drops, before they sell out.
  • Xclusive Access – Members only access styles hand-picked by Rihanna!
  • $30 Reward – You will automatically receive $30 off your first purchase of $35 or more after your free trial ends.

So unless you buy a lot of lingerie, I don’t see this as a necessity. And they also seem to have lots of sales going if you aren’t in a rush to get something and can wait for a deal.


The Reformation

I have a lot of thoughts about this line but I’ll stick to the lingerie.

Of the three purchases I made, these are my absolute favorite. They are so simple but fit perfectly and are super comfortable.

Some of the looks are very basic–but I find them to be quite pretty in their simplicity.

a basic black set i selected, photo courtesy of thereformation.com

I am always reaching for just a basic bra to wear, especially under t-shirts. This style is exactly what I want and I’ve been wearing it constantly.

this one is gorgeous–and i look exactly like this when i wear it. 😉 photo courtesy of thereformation.com

The lace options definitely have more pizzazz and I really liked this green color, so I grabbed this set, too.

Lace is tricky, especially to take care of and I’m really bad at not just throwing everything in the wash, but so far they have held up nicely.

They also lay flat so there aren’t lumps or ridges showing through when I wear them, which is nice.

I feel the prices are fairly standard for a higher end option, especially ones that fall into the sustainability subcategory. Bras run from $35-45 and the underwear is $12-$18.

Overall, I would definitely purchase from here again.


I had been asked to do a review on this brand a while ago and kept forgetting. But then I got a postcard in the mail and thought it was time.

Their whole concept is to find the best fitting bra possible. Regardless of your size, even if you’re are a half-size, they believe they have a bra for you.

But honestly–this isn’t really my problem.

I generally buy a 36/B when purchasing my specific  band/cup size. If I’m buying by general sizes, I’m usually a medium or large depending on the band more than the cup.

Since I usually wear bralettes, the fabric conforms more to my chest than I have to fill up the cup, if that makes sense.

It gives me more flexibility in selecting bras to wear.

When you start with the ThirdLove process, you take a quiz. It asks you about the fit of your current bras and what you generally wear.

Then it asks you your breast shape. Honestly–I had never thought about this! It seems pretty naive, but I didn’t even think about boobs coming in different settings, just sizes.

I was really surprised by this concept, but based on the descriptions, I figured I was teardrop since I can lay my hand flat at the top of my chest and my boobs come out under my hand. (very scientific, i know.)

It recommended a 38/A for me in the T-shirt style–a larger band and a smaller cup. And this was what I ordered.

this is the bra it selected for me and i purchased, photo courtesy of thirdlove.com

They say you should wear your bra on the loosest setting, so the 38 does kinda make sense–although I’m not sure I notice a difference in how it feels with this change.

And in this particular style, the A was a good choice. It definitely doesn’t gap or feel loose.

My issue with the bra is that the fit is fine. I don’t generally wear an underwire and the fabric is slightly padded.

It’s just more bra than I’m used to–and at $68 for one bra–it’s a lot. I got three sets through savagex.com for $12 more.

But I also understand that my bra size makes it easier for me to find a bra that fits.

So I checked in with my friend, Shelly who definitely has a different bra issue than me.

She ordered through ThirdLove.com and her size was a 34/G. So while I have a larger band size, my cup size is small. She has the opposite issue. (i actually didn’t know there was a thing called a G.)

She kept her first bra through them–although it isn’t the miracle bra she was hoping for–and looked to try other styles.

Remember–the quiz helps you find the best style for your fit.

After the first bra recommendation, Shelly had a tougher time finding a second option that worked.

One thing we agree on with ThirdLove–they have amazing customer service.

You get a bunch of updates letting you know where your order stands and then they text you to see how it fits.

Even if they use bots–the texting experience was great and felt real!

Shelly ended up receiving and returning three different bras and none worked out. ThirdLove was in contact with her throughout the process and recommended they just give her a refund.

That’s some pretty impressive customer service.

Shelly  shared that as a 34 or 36 DDD, which is usually what she wears “it’s hard to find bras and definitely hard to find fun bras.”

For her size, she said “that’s why I love Adore Me – totally fun bras in my size! And prices are good. It’s amazing! Victoria Secret has a decent selection for bigger boobs, too but they are pricey.” 

I didn’t end up ordering anything from AdoreMe because at this point, I had already spent too much on undergarments!

But if a larger cup size is your issue, it sounds like AdoreMe is worth checking out.

I should’ve returned the ThirdLove bra because of it’s cost, but I kept it because of the customer service and laziness. And I’m really keen on both the Savage x Fenty and thereformation.com options.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on what’s new in the world of Otto Titsling and the current state of my underwear drawer (in major need of a declutter!)

What bras are working for you? Have you used any of these online sites? Thoughts? Any interest in hearing about my favorite online retailers for a future post?

Let me know in the comments below!

I’m on a spending freeze right now because I bought all these things with my own money. Even on sale–it was too much!